Tanjung Ringgit, Palopo

This morning my friends and I went to a port named Tanjung Ringgit. This port is located in Teluk Bone if you google it. It takes about 30 minutes walking from the house where I live to there.

I am not really sure what kind of port is this.

2013-08-06 05.58.25 2013-08-06 06.03.37

some beautiful view near the port.

2013-08-06 06.23.00 2013-08-06 06.25.50

It was a bit cloudy this morning, so I didnt get the picture of the sunrise. But I am thankful enough for fresh air and good talk with some friends along the way 🙂

warm greetings from southern part of Sulawesi!

hope you people have a great day! 😉