I choose peace.

The end of the second year is actually approaching. Bitter sweet. Ups and downs. Joy and sorrow. Can’t believe time flies that fast.


Summing everything up, being a teacher means joyfully sharing life with the students (even when you don’t feel like to), patiently teaching them the Word of God (even when you think your students don’t even seem to listen), helping them to love learning (even when they are giving you hard times and stretching your patience to the farthest limit) and love God as the first and foremost (even when they don’t even seem to understand what that means). I actually learned this one thing: being a teacher also means having peace that maybe we won’t see the fruits of our hard work right now, or maybe we will never see them at all. We all plant the seeds and water them, but it’s God who gives them the growth. We are not the way, we are only preparing the way. Jesus is the way, Jesus is the truth, Jesus is the life. He is our ultimate role model. We all fall short, but Jesus is perfect. The students are not gonna change unless God wills them to change.

So, I choose to have that peace. I’m gonna do my part and I’m letting God take his.

planting seeds!


What do you see?


joyEasier said than done. Too many times our days are nothing but grooves without meaning. We see the same things all over again that we actually have lost their meanings. But to find joy in the ordinary is to take time enjoying every moment, every single thing we are to do. To find joy is to be silent for a little while, to really let the breeze of the grooves slip into the spaces of our fingers, to let the overflowing spirit fill in our hearts that we are ready to wake up again every morning, ready to do the things all over again. We may think that what we do is not that significant compared to what others have done or are doing. But I found this quote some days ago and I am reminded that everyone has his/her own part.

And how does peace come? Simple. By accepting who we are and what we have as enough for us. By recognizing and respecting who the other is and what they have as theirs. By finding within ourselves the pearl of great price, the richest thing there is in life, the sense of the presence of God who loves and companions us through all the pressures of life. Joan Chittister [Source:  “Peace” inUncommon Gratitude by Joan Chittister and Rowan Williams (Liturgical Press)]

Joy and peace exist simultaneously. If we are at peace accepting who we are and respecting who the other is also recognizing what we have as enough for us and respecting what others have as theirs, we have no time to compare ourselves and others. Then as the consequence of that, we find joy to be ourselves and doing what we are to do. We learn that there is that big picture of what we are doing, even though it seems so small and insignificant right now. We learn that no matter how small or insignificant the stuff we’re trusted with, we are all working for one single purpose, we are all heading towards the same direction, we are all part of the big picture and we are not left behind because we are small. We learn that the small puzzle pieces build up the beautiful big picture and if one piece is missing, it’s incomplete.


blessedIt is hard to see beautiful things in humble places because we have not been seeing deeper, we have not been seeing through what’s seen in the cover. We tend to see what’s seen, what’s in the outward look than to see what’s behind either the good or bad looks. We tend to judge the book by its cover.

It’s all about our perspective in seeing them. Blessed are those who find joy in no matter how small others see what they are doing. Blessed are those who find joy and understand the big picture of no matter how insignificant things they’re doing or even people they’re dealing with. Blessed are those who are joyfully doing their part no matter how boring it seems to repeat all the same things all over again every day.

Find joy in what you do. Find joy in the grooves of your days. There will not only sun shiny days in life, there will also be some rainy days in between. But surely, there is always, yes, always, something to be thankful for.



Now, what do you see?

*photos photographed and edited by SUPERRISKA*

Come, He said…

365 times, do not fear he said

365 days, we feel afraid instead

we are just human

but He is no man

for those who worry

He said come talk to me

for those who are weary

He said come find me

He is the King of eternity

who will give you serenity

only one thing is a must

just give Him your fullest trust

He is the Maker of heaven

the One that will be your haven



written based on Philippians 4:6-7

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.