The long forgotten envelope.

You’re actually looking for a needle in one of your drawers at home. The drawer is a bit messy that you need to take almost everything out to find the needle you’re looking for. As you’re taking things out, you find that old forgotten purple envelope. You stare at that envelope for a moment and the memory brings you back to one moment of your life in the past. You open the envelope and you find a simple letter written by someone you used to know.

It was a letter you wrote yourself. It contains all the dreams and the things you wanted to pursue. Many years went by and many things happened that you forgot you have once written all those things you’re reading right now.
You suddenly remember all the fire that once burned you. But the busyness of this life has brought you forgetting its spark, leaving it kept for so long in the dark. The spark from who you were in the past. The spark of the spirit you’ve got within you.
The grooves of life have worn you out that you forget all the dreams of your own. The draining routines have consumed all your energy.

You freeze at where you sit.
Now you can see the silver needle you’re initially and intentionally looking for. You never plan on finding that long forgotten envelope in that drawer. It was not something you’re looking for. But now you have found both.

Many times in life, we’ve got our own plan on finding something. We started the quest. We drive off the car and go down the long road. We’ve got the destination pictured right in our head. But along the way we encounter many other things that we never actually plan to find.
You don’t forget the reason you came to the drawer, it was to find the needle. But the fact that you find that long forgotten envelope brings you something else that you can learn.
God can use many things to make us learn. And one of the many things may be found along the long road. You plan to find one thing but God can bring you to find other things you don’t.
In all processes of life you go through, God’s got something along the way. You can actually find that “something” only if you’re willing to take time to pay attention.


An ending is actually a new beginning.

I used to ask myself why people call it commencement when it’s actually a graduation ceremony. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word commencement is defined as the time when something begins. However, the word commencement is also used to refer to a ceremony during which degrees or diplomas are given to students who have graduated from a school or college (source).

Well, according to its position in the timeline, graduation is actually at the end of your study. It’s the point where you have finished the process of study and you graduate. You’re done with the set of learning goals of that level of education. I am not saying that you’re done with the learning, because learning is a lifelong process. You’re still learning even though you’re not at school anymore. So, it’s kinda funny to realize that graduation is both an ending and a new beginning.


Yes, graduation is an ending to your study but at the same time it’s actually e new beginning of a new stage of life. You’re gonna go out there and ready to apply what you’ve got along the process of education. Even though, I must say, all the theory you’ve gotten ARE NOT ALL APPLICABLE. You may have built your own idealism, that you think things should be like this or like that. Trust me, you’re gonna need to tear down everything because you’ll find that everything doesn’t seem to be exactly the same as it is portrayed in the textbooks. I’m not here to scare you, this is just a reminder for you so you won’t get too surprised.

However, for a little while, well, for today, enjoy the end of your study. Enjoy the celebration that you’ve come this far. Be grateful that God’s been with you along the way and just ENJOY THE DAY. Because the moments on the mountaintop will be your strength for the moments in the deepest valley.

Congratulations to you all, cohort 2011! 🙂

God bless.

Inspired to inspire

I have been so idle since I got home for Christmas last week. I thought, okay this is holiday, let me do whatever I want. I want to wake up as late as possible in the morning. I want to go to sleep as late as I want, I want to just watch some movies in my room without anyone disturbing. But then, I ended up as the most idle and unproductive person in the whole world.

Yesterday, I saw a challenge from Word Press daily post to write a post everyday for a week. And I feel challenged! And that is also why I am writing this post right now, hehehe.

Writing, for me, well, I am not a professional writer or something, I just write because I think that I have a very huge urge to share to people what’s in my mind.

I believe that every single thing, every time, every person that we meet in our lives, have something to tell us. Every day. It seems to me that each of them speaks to me every day, telling me lessons about life. Before having a blog, I learned things then I forgot because I don’t have any journal or record to keep. I told some of my closest people about what I have learnt but yeah, nothing’s better than having written records of them.

I am a storyteller. I like to tell stories to people. Even more, maybe my friends have become so sick of my stories because sometimes I repeat them. Well, not sometimes, but most of  the times, or yeah I think all the time. Hahaha. I am a kind of person that when I found something inspiring, interesting, or even hilarious, I can’t help myself to not sharing that to others. Maybe that’s why I want to be a teacher. a biology teacher to be specific. This started to grow when I was doing my student-teaching in Sekolah Pelita Harapan International Sentul City Bogor. I met my teacher mentor and she was such an inspiration for me. She does more than teaching to her students, she inspires her students. She can bring her students to even find God, through Biology, without even reciting a verse from the Bible. She helped me a lot to really understand what it means to inspire my students, and she told me that

“We can never inspire our students without firstly being inspired”

Later I will share more about the Biology wonder to all of you! 😀

And then yeah, I started out my blog back then in August 2012. I might not be able to speak directly to the world about what I think, what I have in mind, or what I have learnt from things that I see every day. But I surely can write and share it to the people.. With only one hope in my mind, that more people can be inspired and even blessed by what I write. Thanks to God, who has allowed me to learn from many things I see, even from little things like bubbles until the precious people around me.


I believe that everything we see daily, every person we meet day to day, can be our sources of inspiration. All we need to do is look closer… once we’re inspired, that fire in our heart can never be put down to start inspiring others too 🙂

Be blessed people! Have a very merry Christmas (again) 🙂