Happy December!

happy dec

Sunday morning rain is falling. Marking the coming of the last month in the year. The scent of the wet ground, the sprinkles of the fresh downpour on the glassy window, the coolness of the morning breeze, all wet, all fresh. December is coming and the nature parties. This is the time for all the wandering hearts to fly back home, including mine. I am looking forward to being there, where the beautiful familiar faces is all I see, where the sweet embracing smiles is all I know.

Hold on a sec, I’m getting all done, and I’m getting home in no time.

Happy December, everyone.


Another day, another lesson learned. #2

This is Tuesday again, and it’s super cloudy in Palopo this morning. It’s nice tho, cool and fresh. Really nice to start a new day again. Today is November 12, 2013, which means it’s been 4 months of me being away from home.

Yesterday, I heard a bad news from a friend. Her mother got injured due to a robbery attempt two days ago. She is so down, even until right now. That must be very hard, to be far away from your loved ones and at the same time knowing that they just had something bad happened to them.

I text her yesterday, making sure she’s got the comfort she needs in this kind of time she’s faced. After such a conversation, I got reminded of something which I’m going to share in this post right now.

No matter how far you go, you know exactly that home is always the best place. It’s not the comfort of the house, it’s not the facilities you have in your house, it’s not the nice neighborhood you live in, it’s never about the material things, at all. It’s all about the people who know you, accept you, and embrace you as the way you are. It’s about the laughter and the joy you share together as a family. It’s all about the warmth within your home that makes you feel peaceful and safe. It’s about the smile of the familiar faces. It’s about the very people that through the good and the bad will always be there for you, stand right beside you, pray all the best for you and love you for who you really are. It’s about feeling right where you belong.

You might be in a place where the world seems a lot better, a lot nicer, way cooler or whatever than your home. But you just can’t buy a family, can you?

However, while I am away now, I am thankful for the people I am surrounded by 🙂

Another day, another lesson learned. And wait, as you read this post and you remember your loved ones, make a phone call, send an SMS, or any communication tools you can grab right now. Tell them how you love them and pray for them. Even though you can’t see them in person and hug them right now, you know you can hold them real close in your hearts through your prayers.

Prayers do connect people, even though they are miles apart.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Have a great one 🙂