An ending is actually a new beginning.

I used to ask myself why people call it commencement when it’s actually a graduation ceremony. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word commencement is defined as the time when something begins. However, the word commencement is also used to refer to a ceremony during which degrees or diplomas are given to students who have graduated from a school or college (source).

Well, according to its position in the timeline, graduation is actually at the end of your study. It’s the point where you have finished the process of study and you graduate. You’re done with the set of learning goals of that level of education. I am not saying that you’re done with the learning, because learning is a lifelong process. You’re still learning even though you’re not at school anymore. So, it’s kinda funny to realize that graduation is both an ending and a new beginning.


Yes, graduation is an ending to your study but at the same time it’s actually e new beginning of a new stage of life. You’re gonna go out there and ready to apply what you’ve got along the process of education. Even though, I must say, all the theory you’ve gotten ARE NOT ALL APPLICABLE. You may have built your own idealism, that you think things should be like this or like that. Trust me, you’re gonna need to tear down everything because you’ll find that everything doesn’t seem to be exactly the same as it is portrayed in the textbooks. I’m not here to scare you, this is just a reminder for you so you won’t get too surprised.

However, for a little while, well, for today, enjoy the end of your study. Enjoy the celebration that you’ve come this far. Be grateful that God’s been with you along the way and just ENJOY THE DAY. Because the moments on the mountaintop will be your strength for the moments in the deepest valley.

Congratulations to you all, cohort 2011! 🙂

God bless.


More Than Just For the Sake of Being Smarter



2013-06-02 13.58.55

I am officially done. yeay. 😀 *party!!* haha.

these past four years I’ve been learning a lot of things. more than just knowledge of my discipline, well, I am studying Biology Education in Teachers College Universitas Pelita Harapan Indonesia. My school has a partnership with Corban University, USA, that gave me the Bachelor of Science after my name. but more than getting a degree, I want to tell you something more.

I believe that getting into university is more than just for the sake of being smarter. getting into university is one of the precious opportunities that one could ever have. yes, we study about our discipline, we make projects that are related to our discipline. but above all, these past four years I have been learning something more than just those things. I learn about how to build relationships, connections, and being exposed to many ideas, opportunities, and also interesting experiences. college is more than just attending classes, making homework, and getting straight A’s. Those are indeed part of it. and yes they are very important. but I guarantee you, that you just dont want to spend your college life only for those things. I’ve done all the series of these precious four years of college, and when I look back to what I have through so far, I am amazed.

College years are really good years of making friends, real friends, getting connected to the world, spreading our wings and experiencing great opportunities. we are exposed to many new ideas, we are invited to think about what it means of doing what we are doing and why we are even doing it.

this is a message for you. who still have one, two or three more years to go.

move your ass. get involved in some organizations or events in your campus. gather as many experiences as you can. you surely do not want to regret at the end of your college time and brooding of why you never got yourself involved.

more than just for the sake of being smarter, you may want to have an exercise of a real world experiences.

oh, I know, sleeping is more interesting than getting involved in campus events. but please, guys, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. you may not want to miss it. you may not want to just let it go without getting yourself enriched and learning more than just for the sake of getting smarter. for sure.