Where’s the good in goodbye?


Where’s the good in goodbye? People ask. Etymologically, goodbye is a short version of God be with yeAccording to this source, goodbye is a salutation in parting and it’s actually a contraction of God be with ye. And according to this source, goodbye was used as a whole sentence 500 years ago and was found to be firstly used in a shortened version in 1573 in a letter written by Gabriel Harvey. It’s also another interesting fact that adios, a Spanish word which literally has the same meaning with goodbye, is also a contraction of vaya con dios which also means the same thing: go with God (source).

Interesting how we actually use this word as a salutation in parting. This is a prayer, that even though we’re parting, we’re actually wishing each other God’s company.

There are some friends moving away this academic year and surely they’re not gonna be teaching here next academic year. It’s kinda sad, they’re like close to my heart. They’re like the ones I dear. But now they’re actually moving away, and goodbye is undeniable. Goodbye is real and it’s all around. I just can resist the fact that things are gonna be different without them because really, nobody is just like them. They bring different colors to my life, and I’m gonna miss them.

These people have been such a blessing for me and as they go I believe it’s time for them to be a blessing for many more people out there as they have been for me.

So, where’s the good in goodbye?

We’re parting, but we’re wishing each other God’s company.

Have a great day, people! 🙂

A love letter for Junior.

JUNToday we wrote a letter for our dear friend Junior. He is not going to be here next academic year, he is moving to Kalimantan.

Ah. Junior has been a great friend for us and we’re so glad to have him with us in grade four this year. Now that he is moving, we are actually sad but, that’s life. People come, people go.

Jun (our nickname for him), came to our class in October last year. He was a new student. He was chubby and everybody loved to pinch his cheeks! But, Jun was not as nice as he is today. He was so selfish, was easily-angered and he loved to talk in the wrong time (like asking questions before being given opportunity to, asking questions about things just being explained like in two seconds before!)

Time went on, we made friends, we played together and learned together. Jun is now a different friend! He is now no longer selfish, he is now trying to understand that he is not living this world alone. He is not as easily-angered as he was back then. He has learned that there are times he needs to control his emotions. But, he still asks those questions. Yeah, the questions he actually doesn’t need to ask.

We all learned. Jun learned not to be selfish, we learned that we are actually growing together in the family. Jun might not be a perfect friend. But who is a perfect friend, anyways? Nobody is perfect, only Jesus is.

As we were writing our love letter for Jun today, we learn that in a family, we love. We love and we show that.

Jun has been our dearest friend and he will forever be.

It’s okay to say goodbye because goodbye is a short version of “God be with ye!” and we are praying that God is always with Jun.

grade 4Love always,

Grade 4 Sekolah Lentera Harapan Palopo. 🙂