A little more

a little more have a great day, people! 🙂

*photographed and edited by SUPERRISKA*


Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow

courage May we all take courage today. Courage to love, courage to do the right thing, courage to live again. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

be blessed and be a blessing.

*photographed and edited by SUPERRISKA*

Valentine’s day project :D

V-day projectyesterday was valentine’s day here in Indonesia. February 14th, 2013.

I am not that kind of person that usually celebrates Valentine’s day, anyways.. however, I decided to make some special gifts for my girls in my dorm.. very simple project that you can also make on your own for your special ones 😉

vday project 3as you can see in the picture above, to make these simple gift packages, you only need some simple materials:

tissue paper, any color will do. in here I choose red tissue paper.

cellophane or plastic wrap. plain or with design will do. I use the one with design.

pink cardstock. well, doesnt have to be pink, any color will do.

some wood sticks. the size depends on the size of flowers that you’re about to make.

glue stuck, glue tape, scissors, markers.

oh yah, I also prepared some cookies for each person 🙂

vday gift packageeach girl gets these things: cookies, a simple little red flower, and a cute little card 🙂

well, some people say that everyday should be Valentine’s day. we should show love everyday, not only in Valentine’s day.. but, I think that it’s also good to have a special day when we can actually be reminded about caring to people around us.. 🙂

Hope you all have a nice and sweet Valentine’s day 🙂