A love letter for Junior.

JUNToday we wrote a letter for our dear friend Junior. He is not going to be here next academic year, he is moving to Kalimantan.

Ah. Junior has been a great friend for us and we’re so glad to have him with us in grade four this year. Now that he is moving, we are actually sad but, that’s life. People come, people go.

Jun (our nickname for him), came to our class in October last year. He was a new student. He was chubby and everybody loved to pinch his cheeks! But, Jun was not as nice as he is today. He was so selfish, was easily-angered and he loved to talk in the wrong time (like asking questions before being given opportunity to, asking questions about things just being explained like in two seconds before!)

Time went on, we made friends, we played together and learned together. Jun is now a different friend! He is now no longer selfish, he is now trying to understand that he is not living this world alone. He is not as easily-angered as he was back then. He has learned that there are times he needs to control his emotions. But, he still asks those questions. Yeah, the questions he actually doesn’t need to ask.

We all learned. Jun learned not to be selfish, we learned that we are actually growing together in the family. Jun might not be a perfect friend. But who is a perfect friend, anyways? Nobody is perfect, only Jesus is.

As we were writing our love letter for Jun today, we learn that in a family, we love. We love and we show that.

Jun has been our dearest friend and he will forever be.

It’s okay to say goodbye because goodbye is a short version of “God be with ye!” and we are praying that God is always with Jun.

grade 4Love always,

Grade 4 Sekolah Lentera Harapan Palopo. πŸ™‚

I am brokenhearted.

I am brokenhearted, not because of the love of a man

I am brokenhearted, not because of a breaking up of a relationship

I am brokenhearted, not because of all of the above

I am brokenhearted looking at these faces in front of me right now

Knowing that some of them are the victims of the irresponsible vow

It broke my heart knowing that some of them never see their fathers

It broke my heart knowing that some of them never feel the touch of their mothers

It broke my heart knowing that some of them never really feel the warmth of home

Where mother and father love each other and show them what love really is

It broke my heart knowing that some of them could easily say that they parents are divorced

To know bad things they are not to know they are forced

It broke my heart knowing that some of them have to see the bad examples of drunken fathers

It broke my heart knowing that some of them have to learn from gambling mothers

It broke my heart that some of them are seen as nothing but more troubles for the life of their mothers and fathers

They are given the eyes but they have to see such things

They are given the heart but they have to feel such things

They are given the ears but they have to listen to such things

The Teacher in Ecclesiastes is right,

The more we know, the greater our sorrow

In my heart I am questioning about their tomorrow

Into what kind of people they are about to grow

Will anyone care enough to show?

The tender love and prayers that glow

Will anyone care enough to sow?

The seeds of love and compassion that will grow

Will anyone care enough to let them know?

That they are loved and, yes, they have a bright tomorrow

I am brokenhearted and therefore I am excited

Giving my every heart beat

Doing my best for these souls I am trusted

Another day, another lesson learned. #2

This is Tuesday again, and it’s super cloudy in Palopo this morning. It’s nice tho, cool and fresh. Really nice to start a new day again. Today is November 12, 2013, which means it’s been 4 months of me being away from home.

Yesterday, I heard a bad news from a friend. Her mother got injured due to a robbery attempt two days ago. She is so down, even until right now. That must be very hard, to be far away from your loved ones and at the same time knowing that they just had something bad happened to them.

I text her yesterday, making sure she’s got the comfort she needs in this kind of time she’s faced. After such a conversation, I got reminded of something which I’m going to share in this post right now.

No matter how far you go, you know exactly that home is always the best place. It’s not the comfort of the house, it’s not the facilities you have in your house, it’s not the nice neighborhood you live in, it’s never about the material things, at all. It’s all about the people who know you, accept you, and embrace you as the way you are. It’s about the laughter and the joy you share together as a family. It’s all about the warmth within your home that makes you feel peaceful and safe. It’s about the smile of the familiar faces. It’s about the very people that through the good and the bad will always be there for you, stand right beside you, pray all the best for you and love you for who you really are. It’s about feeling right where you belong.

You might be in a place where the world seems a lot better, a lot nicer, way cooler or whatever than your home. But you just can’t buy a family, can you?

However, while I am away now, I am thankful for the people I am surrounded by πŸ™‚

Another day, another lesson learned. And wait, as you read this post and you remember your loved ones, make a phone call, send an SMS, or any communication tools you can grab right now. Tell them how you love them and pray for them. Even though you can’t see them in person and hug them right now, you know you can hold them real close in your hearts through your prayers.

Prayers do connect people, even though they are miles apart.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Have a great one πŸ™‚

Thank you :D

from sisterfrom my sister πŸ™‚bday cake from sien2from SienSien, my dorm girl last year πŸ™‚photo (2)Β from fellow supervisors! thanks, girls! πŸ˜€2013-03-11 21.32.39Β Β from Andrew! thank you brother! πŸ™‚

and all the wishes and greetings from family and good friends πŸ™‚

birthday is not a matter of cake or gifts, it’s a reminder of how we should learn to number our days, yeah it’s been 22 years, 22 years of learning to be more like my Creator. I am far from perfect. I am far from good. Well, as a matter of fact, no one is either one.

Thank you for the gifts, thank you for the cake, thank you for the wishes, thank you for the prayers. More than those you gave, thank you for being around and remembering.

May God bless you all more abundantly! πŸ˜€

PORTFOLIO: Happy Birthday, people! :D

The best things in this world aren’t bought, they are made. -Author unknown


August 28, 2011

Papa’s 49th birthday

Simple elegant silver card with dark blue textured paper outside

You are my teacher, you are my hero. This simple card can never express how grateful I am having you as my dad.


October 27, 2011

Rio’s 10th birthday

Matchbox-like-card for one of the future best soccer player! πŸ˜€

Hey, lil bro! You’re just the coolest brother one could ever have! Keep ballin’! You’re osem! πŸ˜€


March 8, 2012

Marlene’s 22nd birthday

Colorful poster. You can open the house and find the bday wishes! πŸ˜€

Hey, Summer Breeze! *is that what you want to be called with? :p thanks for being the only sister I have! p.s.: you’re just old! :p


April 30, 2012

Andrew’s 20th birthday

Mini choco cream cake. Sweet cake for sweet 20 boy ;p

Hey you big nose! :p how come that you’re just still 20?? your face definitely doesnt look like your age at all! :p anyways,, no Β matter what, thanks for the friendship!


June 19, 2012

Sam’s 22nd birthday

Mini blue cake for blue lover! You can open the bottom cake and find the bday wishes! πŸ˜‰

Hey, big-22-boy! Keep rockin’! one quote for you: “chances are not given, theyre taken!” haha. you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ stay blessed, bro!


July 1, 2012

Ronald’s 23rd birthday

A simple pop-up card for a-not-too-simple person! ;p

Hey big bro! youre old, huh? :p now matter how sarcastic or sadistic I am to you, please know that I love you! hahaha thanks for being the big bro for me and Marlene! πŸ˜€

I am just so much limited. This is just a little thing that I could give to you. Thanks for the good and bad times together!

From Superriska with love, enjoy the cards! πŸ˜€

p.s.: more cards are coming! πŸ˜‰