Dear young lady

This is a poem I wrote for myself, as I am thinking of the why of everything I am doing and going to be doing.

For a young lady I hardly know, for the one I know of longing for flying her wings so high.


Dear young lady,

So young, so proud

So vocal, so loud

Like a little kid, walking on a cloud

Dear young lady,

Daydreaming, oh so ambitious

Fast-walking, oh so adventurous

Like a little kid, oh so curious

Dear young lady,

Waking up, oh so early

Working out, oh so lively

In hopes that things would turn out to end happily

Dear young lady,

You may think of going to NYC for study

Or meeting a godly man to marry

Or maybe having a baby

Oh young lady…

Go ask yourself and think more deeply

Life is more than just walking in the grocery,

Taking things into the trolley

There’s so much more than just having the titles so many

There’s so much more than just having so much money

Oh honey…

What about the why?

Why you do what you do?

And why you want to be what you want to be?

It’s a more important task.

A more important question to ask.


Life Lesson A-Z: Begin!

1000miles begins

That’s what Lao Tzu said. Yes, a thousand miles journey begins with one step. Lesson of the day: I will get nowhere if I don’t start walking. Well, I will never start walking till I actually wake up. Whatever brilliant goals I have today will turn out to be nothing if I don’t do anything. The same applies to all our dreams. Having big dreams are great. But having big dreams does not automatically bring us to our dreams. We’ve got to wake up. Begin today. There is no other better way to start something than to start it.

Have a great day, dream-catchers! 😉


Another day, another lesson learned. #3

C. S. Lewis once said, you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Oh yes, whether it is writing a book, composing a new song, establishing your own company, founding a school, pursuing education, or anything you name it. It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to have those dreams. The goals and dreams that you have are the ones that keep you going, keep you alive, keep you moving forward. Imagine our life without purpose or goal or dreams, we’re moving, but down to nowhere. Everyday’s work is just like checking on a list. Everyone is given 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours per day, and 7 days in a week, all the same amount of time. But the problem is, not all of them use the gift equally. Some do their best, some not. Some use the time they have gratefully by enjoying their life, some curse the situations that they know exactly they cannot change.

For all those dreams you have in your heart, believe. Wake up today, do something and make them happen. Live to your fullest self, live bigger than yourself and share.

Never part with your illusions. Without dreams you may continue to exist, but you have ceased to live. – Mark Twain

Pray for your dreams, pray that God may use you at your best contributing to His Kingdom. The branches cannot bear fruit if they are apart from the True Vine, remember?

Have a great day, people! 🙂