An ending is actually a new beginning.

I used to ask myself why people call it commencement when it’s actually a graduation ceremony. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word commencement is defined as the time when something begins. However, the word commencement is also used to refer to a ceremony during which degrees or diplomas are given to students who have graduated from a school or college (source).

Well, according to its position in the timeline, graduation is actually at the end of your study. It’s the point where you have finished the process of study and you graduate. You’re done with the set of learning goals of that level of education. I am not saying that you’re done with the learning, because learning is a lifelong process. You’re still learning even though you’re not at school anymore. So, it’s kinda funny to realize that graduation is both an ending and a new beginning.


Yes, graduation is an ending to your study but at the same time it’s actually e new beginning of a new stage of life. You’re gonna go out there and ready to apply what you’ve got along the process of education. Even though, I must say, all the theory you’ve gotten ARE NOT ALL APPLICABLE. You may have built your own idealism, that you think things should be like this or like that. Trust me, you’re gonna need to tear down everything because you’ll find that everything doesn’t seem to be exactly the same as it is portrayed in the textbooks. I’m not here to scare you, this is just a reminder for you so you won’t get too surprised.

However, for a little while, well, for today, enjoy the end of your study. Enjoy the celebration that you’ve come this far. Be grateful that God’s been with you along the way and just ENJOY THE DAY. Because the moments on the mountaintop will be your strength for the moments in the deepest valley.

Congratulations to you all, cohort 2011! 🙂

God bless.


A Whole New World

Anybody knows the soundtrack of Aladdin, a whole new world? that is my favorite song ever! hahaha. I dont know how it got stuck to my head and I cant remember when I started singing that song. But, ever since, I have been infecting people with that song just because I really like to sing it no matter where I am, bathroom, toilet, pantry, even laundry room. All my friends in the dorm knew it. Anyway, speaking of a whole new world, today I just arrived in my “whole new world”. Leaving my home, flying to a different island with different time zone, to teach English in Sekolah Lentera Harapan Palopo, South Sulawesi.

Okay let me start with this sentence: Life is an adventure. So, this is going to be the beginning. I just made it safe and soundly in Makassar, which is not the last stop. The last stop is Palopo, a small city that is actually still 8-10 hours away from Makassar. So, my journey today does not simply stop there. I am now writing while I am waiting for the bus that will get me to Palopo. Well, just for your information, my plane landed at 4.30 pm and right now, 10 pm, I am still here in the airport. *fiuhh* so, I have been waiting for around five and half hours. Does not stop there, I have one more hour to wait, since the bus only comes twice a day, early in the morning and 11 at night. Interesting? You bet!

 Well, it is a little bit frustrating waiting in the airport doing nothing. So then I decided to get my computer and write for my blog.

Let me tell you, having a beginning of something can make you feel lots of feelings at the same time. I’m all excited to start teaching and working with the kids at my school, but it is also sad as well, knowing I’m living so far away from home. It’s just not easy I believe.

My friends and I flew from Jakarta at 12.30 pm Jakarta time, and landed here 4.30 pm Makassar time. I am now in a different time zone from my home, well, not too big difference, only one hour difference. And also, let me tell you, the people here speak in a funny and strange Indonesian accent that I am not used to. Hahaha. I have had some girls in my dorm coming from this part of country and they also spoke just like the people here, but it was not everyone, but now, it is going to be everyday and everywhere, everyone is going to speak that way. Alright, that is going to be one of the interesting things I’m going to experience here.

Okay. I think I’m gonna enjoy my time waiting in the airport by watching people, that is always interesting, you know. Looking at people’s expressions, and yeah, simply just looking around. More updates about my three-year-journey are coming soon. And by this post too, I am declaring that my three-year-journey is officially started!! 😀 *yeay*

Keep in touch, peeps! 😉