Live in the moment.


I am often caught up in the memories of the past and/or carried away by the dreams of the future. I often don’t realize that I can’t go back or go forward since I am stuck here in the present. I miss the memories so bad or I plan the future too much that I forget to live in the moment. I miss out the beautiful things and people right here and right now, too many times.

The good old days are worth remembering and the future needs to be thoroughly planned, but today is the day to live in.

It is great to have memories to be cherished and a future to look forward to, but don’t forget to embrace what today has to offer. Love and serve the people entrusted to you. Do wholeheartedly the work given for you to do. We are not promised tomorrow, so love while you can, serve while you can, live in the moment while you can.

Be thankful for today ❤