Thou shall not assume.

“Kirain y*kult mengandung bakteri baik. Eh, malah bikin batuknya balik.” I said to myself earlier this morning.


I just recovered from a cold and cough two days ago but yesterday I made a bad decision based on my assumption. I drank two tiny bottles of fermented milk after school. I thought it was okay to drink it because I was not sick anymore. I thought. Well, this morning I woke up to a familiar feeling and symptom like before, my throat was itchy! I felt like coughing and guess what, I think I’m getting it again. Great. I asked my nurse friend and she told me that dairy products can actually clog your throats and make cough worse. Oh man, I should’ve asked her earlier! Okay, a lesson learned.

This is just one of the many examples of why we shall never assume. Assumptions are as frail as building a house on sand, people. So, be wise and don’t drink dairy products when you have cough.

Have a great day!