Why do you think you need to know?


That’s still taken from my latest read, Catatan Juang by Fiersa Besari.

The news about Ahok’s file for divorce from his wife has been spread tremendously quickly in only a few hours. I mean, of course, we are talking about Ahok’s divorce here, the former governor who is sentenced two years in jail for blasphemy. Up till now, there is no official statement regarding the cause of the divorce and public has been left curious about it. Since the background reason remains a mystery to the public, some speculations have grown. Some say it is the wife’s disloyalty, some say it is Ahok trying to protect his family, and many other stories that we do not even know which one is true. Even just a few hours earlier, one social media account published a letter containing details of the reasons why Ahok filed for divorce from his wife. Surprisingly to me, many people are buying it. I am not underestimating but I am just being skeptical of that letter. These days, it is really easy to create and spread fraud. People can easily claim something as a proof of truth in the media, but how can you tell? How can you be sure?

My most honest response to what’s happening is this: I don’t think the public has some kind of right to know the details of why Ahok filed for divorce from his wife. It is not something for public’s consumption since it is a family issue. I mean, seriously, this family is now going through one of the most perilous roads of their family life and you are feeding your curiosity by posting and sharing things that are not at all helpful to them? Why do you think you need to know the reasons why? You don’t need to know and they are not obliged to let you know. Will your knowledge about what is really going on in their family be helpful to them and you? Think about that. Why do you do what you do? Is it just for feeding your curiosity? Instead, why don’t we just silently watch while pray for the best for them?

Some of you may disagree with me but it is okay. I am just saying what I have in mind. I hope we can be a wise generation in the fast growing media world like today.

Jadi, lain kali, sebelum posting dan kepo tentang kehidupan orang lain di medsos kamu, coba pikir ulang lagi dan lagi dan lagi, biar apa?

Peace and love,



Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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