Because heroes are humans, too.


Well, yeah, I guess we have excessively expected from our heroes. In order to be heroes, we subconsciously demand them to transcend their humanness. We want them to always look happy, we want them to always look pretty. We want them to always be successful and their business to always be fruitful. We want them to be always smiling and not failing. We set a standard for them like a superhuman.

But the reality is, such standard is unrealistically unreal. No wonder we are surprised that they are apparently capable of being sad, plain-looking, and also… failing just like we are! They also shed tears when life is rough – and yes, their lives get rough, too! They also look plain without makeups and those pretty outfits. And most importantly, they fail too, many times, just like we all do!

Well, our fallen nature has made us believe that in order to get acceptance we need to meet some kind of unreachable requirement – perfection. But the truth is: nobody is perfect. You and I are not perfect, neither the famous celebrities and heroes. We need to stop overvaluing our heroes and start seeing them as our fellow human beings with flaws and failures as well. Because just like me and you, our heroes are humans, too.

Jika kita tidak lagi berekspektasi terlalu tinggi, mungkin kita bisa lebih bertoleransi. -Fiersa Besari in Catatan Juang

I hope this rings the reminder bell in our hearts.

Peace and love,



Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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