I am thankful today – A smile

I was thinking of what I could share today. Then there she came, one of my students, standing by the door, smiling and greeting me good morning. I felt somehow filled with her smile. The smile was so beautiful that I felt like I was ready to start the day again. Then I remember this!

This is one scene in one of my favorite movies, You Stupid Man (2002).


Nadine and Owen were celebrating Valentine’s day together and they decided to have gift exchange. They were out of the shop with a present for each other. They gave each other the present. Owen opened his and he got a pair of Snoopy sandals. Nadine opened hers, a small present wrapped in a small box. She opened it up and she got a mirror. Her face was puzzled, questioning the reason why she got a mirror for a present. There was Owen said to her,

I think that you have a really beautiful smile. Your smile cheers me up when I am down. So, every time you feel down, you just need to see the mirror and give yourself your beautiful smile.

They hugged each other and they walked home happily that day.


Life can wear you out but a smile can cheer you up! 🙂


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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