Dear young lady (Part 4)

An encouragement to a young, vibrant soul of mine. And to all the other lovely souls. Thanks to Mrs. Obama, for her concern on girls education.

A poem.

Dear young lady,
Let us now talk about dream
No, not the mainstream
But the one that you’ve always wanted to scream
To shine and to beam

People say the sky is the limit
So never you go timid
You’ve got your stars to visit
You’ve got your brain and you commit

You study and you pray
You learn “when there is a will, there is a way”
But you understand that you too are just clay
Being molded each and every day

The long perilous road is before you
You have got a lot to do
But you have got the One who is so true
So no worry of what life may bring you

Then people may question
Why having such big and grand vision?
Aren’t there enough men in action
Doing so much for the generation?

Again they demand an answer
Why bother?
Don’t you have a lover?
You go find a man and be a mother!

Being a wife is a deep calling
Being a mother is a forever thing
Being a visionaire is what you have always been wanting
Being a fearful disciple is what you consider as the most important thing

Staying at where you are has never been enough
You seek more and more to improve
Not to show that you are good enough
It’s not the world you’re trying to prove

You know exactly you are a disciple
That you actually want to be responsible
You know you don’t have to be incredible
You just know you are to be accountable

Dear young lady,
Never give up and never give in
Never settle for less than the best
Until the flowers of your prayers are seen
Until the very last of your breath, a final call to rest


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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