Dear young lady (Part 3)

To the one that grew miles apart, but never actually went away… to a sister of mine.

Dear young lady

Couldn’t remember how things started

But ever since the days we spent were never wasted

The long talks

The long walks

You were there

I was there

We were there

We went through the nice dreams and the nightmare

You knew my story

I knew your story

We looked upon the sky so starry

Our bond was never weary


We were apart of distance

And we were too busy even just to glance

Years go by we forgot how we used to dance

Last night it was like things were put back to play

Going back to the good old days

Like the music in the month of May

You are the one that stays

You said things in life are fragile

But there are certain things that last

Even though it has been a while

We both know we could laugh at the past

Dear young lady

Thank you for what we have

Though it seemed that there was nothing left

Thank more to the God we have

Who is always there when there is nothing left



Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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