Dear young lady (Part 2)

Dear young lady,
In the busy spinning world,
You’ve got your own world
Your own road to travel
Your own mystery to ravel

Dear young lady,
The world you live in has a lot to offer
And you’re eager to trytill your time is over
You’re always dreaming of flying up so high
You’re always dreaming of touching up the sky

Dear young lady,
You’ve got your steady wings to soar
You’ve got your tough heart to roar

Hearts can be a lilttle fragile
A little too rushy
A little too foolish
And just a little too much of everything

Dear young lady,
Don’t you read and hear this more than a million times…
“Guard your heart above all else…” ?

Butterflies love to tickle your belly
And you’re gonna experience something just too overly
Guarding your heart must be the top of priority
Protecting it from aching and its severity

Dear young lady,
There is one thing to remember
Love can be hard as the rain in the late of November
So, keep sober
Stay in prayer
… and surrender


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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