On walking.

It is never a good idea of walking along with someone who is in different pace with yours.

Even though maybe the two are actually heading in the same direction and towards the same destination, the different pace of the two fellas can never bring enjoyment of the walk for both. One will get tired of dragging the slow one. And one will get tired of being dragged by the other. At the time they both realize that they’re not gonna make it that way, they both have to choose. Either talking to agree with each other’s pace and continue walking together, or splitting up in the middle of the road, continue walking alone until they meet with the end of the road. Dragging and being dragged hurt and exhausting. Splitting up may hurt too, but life goes on anyway. But you know exactly, the pain’s got to teach these two fellas this important lesson: both options have got them to continue the walk, either with or without each other.

Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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