I choose peace.

The end of the second year is actually approaching. Bitter sweet. Ups and downs. Joy and sorrow. Can’t believe time flies that fast.


Summing everything up, being a teacher means joyfully sharing life with the students (even when you don’t feel like to), patiently teaching them the Word of God (even when you think your students don’t even seem to listen), helping them to love learning (even when they are giving you hard times and stretching your patience to the farthest limit) and love God as the first and foremost (even when they don’t even seem to understand what that means). I actually learned this one thing: being a teacher also means having peace that maybe we won’t see the fruits of our hard work right now, or maybe we will never see them at all. We all plant the seeds and water them, but it’s God who gives them the growth. We are not the way, we are only preparing the way. Jesus is the way, Jesus is the truth, Jesus is the life. He is our ultimate role model. We all fall short, but Jesus is perfect. The students are not gonna change unless God wills them to change.

So, I choose to have that peace. I’m gonna do my part and I’m letting God take his.

planting seeds!

Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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