Rain in the late of May.

Ah, that smell again. The smell of rain. It makes me think of my home. It’s 8am and it’s a little cloudy, and yes, the sky is pouring down its blessing to the earth.

I miss my mom and dad. But I’m gonna see them soon. šŸ™‚

Have you ever thought of this: this morning God gives you another chance, God shows you his mercy once again, and God fills you with his overflowing love? Too many days passed as nothing but a series of checklist and to-do-lists.

But this morning, would you care sitting quietly, looking around you and feeling the warmth of God’s love in the coolness of the air you breathe?

Would you care looking up to the sky, imagining the height of heaven and really meaning God’s faithfulness in the midst of your unfaithfulness?

Would you care hearing the sounds of the dripping rain, learning the melody as it’s falling and deep in your heart thanking him for this brand new day?

I am a sinner in a fallen world, I fall too many times. But God is so good and I put my heart in rhymes.

Have a great day, people! šŸ˜€


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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