The Sojourner.

This is a poem I wrote in a faraway land, miles away from my homeland.

Especially for the one sojourner I know, the one who is loving her new land. This new land has become part of her heart, part of her soul.


There’s a price to pay.

Will you (still) go?

This may stretch you to your farthest limit.

Will you (still) go?

This may be inconvenient for you.

Will you (still) go?

This may take you out of your comfort zone.

Will you (still) go?

The world may offer you something brighter than this.

Will you (still) go?

The people you’re gonna meet, some will hate you, some will break you down.

Will you (still) go?


You’ll find it worth it.

You’ll learn something new.

You’ll realize that following Him is not about convenience but obedience.

You’ll get to places you’d never thought you’d ever go.

You’re not to live only for yourself.

You’ll meet people who will love you, embrace you, as they count you as their own family.

Life is like two sides of coin.

Like the black and white of piano keys.

Surely there are sorrows,

But the joy from above is given to you every time you need it.

I am a sojourner.

In a faraway land.

I meet many challenges.

But here I declare, I am more than just lucky.

I am blessed.

Palopo, December 5, 2014.



Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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