Life Lesson A-Z: Failure.

failure quote

At times, we are just too coward of making mistakes. We are just too afraid of being looked down due to failing. We want things to turn out perfect, flawless and just you know perfect. Failures are just too hurtful that we avoid them so much.

But there are many great people who stood up from failure after failure and made a difference by what they have overcome. I believe that they were devastated at first, but they woke up, they got up from their failures and tried again, over and over again. They took risks of either failing again or succeeding. They took that opportunity to begin again, starting things all over again and overcoming their failures. They did not stop there as they found themselves failing, they kept trying until they are who they are right now. The most important thing, they did not only wake up and try again, they learned and they tried again better. They learned from their past, they learned from their failures. They did not let their failures knock them down, but they used them as the steppingstones to stand up taller and run faster.

Ludwig-van-Beethoven-Famous-Failure Steve-Jobs_Famous_Failure Walt-Disney-Famous-Failure1

and the list goes on… and on…

are they not enough examples?


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