Life Lesson A-Z: Attitude


Lesson of the day: things may not turn out as I expect them to be. This city will be hot as usual, I can choose either to keep complaining or just keep smiling, I will be sweating all the same. The works to do today will be as many as the other work days in the year, I can choose to do it cheerfully or grudgingly, I will have to do it anyway. Either way, I’ll get all the works done. But really, it takes a whole lot more energy to do things if I do it grudgingly. There are always options to choose.

What about you? You’ve got your own stuff to do today. But the lesson must be the same. It is your good day or your bad day, it depends on your attitude towards the circumstances.

Hoping you choose your good day today! 😉



Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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