Another day, another random question to ask. #2

Three years ago, I participated in a umm, you know, some kind of a beauty pageant in my school. haha. Don’t get too surprised, I am so used with people’s unbelieving expression. Well, anyways, in the second audition of that pageant, one of the judges asked me this question:

If you were to choose one out of the three options: wealth, power or fame, which one would you choose? Why?

And yesterday, I asked that question to the twelve graders as we were eating our lunch together. The answer? Very various as I expected. But I spotted that most of the students answered that they would choose wealth for the reason to share their wealth with the family and other people in need. Some also added that they would renovate their houses. The second was power. Many reasoned that with power automatically come wealth and fame. One interesting answer came from my fellow teacher, who is these twelve graders’ homeroom teacher, he chose power over fame and wealth. He reasoned that when he’s got the power, he has all people (the wealthy and the famous) submit under his authority. That means he’s got all the good chance to direct the wealthy and the famous to promote goodness to other people. The least chosen option was fame. I believe that not more than 3 students chose it. They chose it just because they want people to know them.

Okay, back when I was given the question three years ago. As for me, I would choose fame. Here’s why. Being famous means being known by many people. That would be a very great opportunity for me to share and promote my belief, thoughts, and influence to them. The more people know me, the greater opportunity I get to share.

However, I actually thought a bit deeper about this question as I am writing this right now. It does not matter which one you choose. For whatever you’re trusted with, you know exactly there lies responsibility to take on with you. We are all called to live bigger than ourselves. Live not only a self-centered life as if everything revolves around selfish self. I think it’s not about what you have, but what you actually do with what you have.

I am more than thankful right now. You wanna know why? Maybe I am not as famous as those influential people have ever been written in history. But with the little things I am trusted with right now, I am striving to share all the goodness and blessings I got to the people I am surrounded with. When I wake up every morning, I remember all the little smiling faces of my students and that what makes me ready to wake up, go to school and teach again. Yes, of course, I am thinking of spreading my wings and fly higher, spreading more hope to more people in this world, but with the people I have around me right now, I am more than thankful. You know what, as a teacher, there are times that those little smiling faces are nothing but annoying little creatures that keep bugging my life. Teaching is bittersweet. It’s a micro version of life itself. It’s colored by many ups and downs, both happy and sad moments. But I am always loving that opportunity to share, encourage and just you know…. teach.

So, what about you? If you were to choose one out of three options available, wealth, power or fame, which one would you choose?

Well, that’s another random question to ask. You know, it’s random but sometimes it takes you to think a little deeper even to answer such a random question.

Another day, another random question to ask.


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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