Welcoming Christmas season: Advent.

I was raised in a family that has been going to a conservative kind of church, so I am so familiar with the seasons of the Church, that includes the Advent season. Advent season starts in the beginning of December and ends at the week the Christmas day happens to be fall on that year. Advent season is four weeks before Christmas day. The word  advent originally came from two Latin words: ad that means to and venire that means come –> advenire means to come –> advent means coming or arrival. Advent season is observed by the church as the time of waiting and preparing for the Christmas day itself. I am so used to the liturgy that I have in my church where I grew up that we usually have one candle to be lit each week until we have all four candles lit up. I have been following the liturgy for many years in my life, but haven’t been really getting the real meaning of Advent itself.

This year, I am having something new –> Advent devotionals. Advent starts on the first day of December and ends at Christmas eve every year. Well, according to some sources, Advent may also start as early as Nov 27th and as late as Dec 3rd and ends always at Christmas eve. But it just doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be that strict, the devotionals are good to be read at any time. Simply put, just start reading and get yourself prepared. Easy? haha.

Advent devotionals are basically a series of daily readings that lead us to the Christmas day. It’s the same as many other kinds of daily devotionals, but it’s more specific to Christmas. I found it to be very good to be read as I am preparing and welcoming Christmas season spiritually. I chose this devotionals by John Piper –> Good News of Great Joy. I downloaded it from here for free.

“What I want most for Christmas this year is to join you (and many others) in seeing Christ in all his fullness and that we together be able to love what we see with a love far beyond our own half-hearted human capacities.” — John Piper

What you don’t feed, dies. What you do feed, grows. Remember? Do not get too consumed with the ornaments from the outside, because Christ should be the reason for the season.

Happy Tuesday!

Stay blessed and get prepared! 🙂

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