Another day, another lesson learned. #6

Reflection I wrote on Friday, November 15, 2013. It’s a reflection on first times.

Everybody has their own first times on things. Whether it is on teaching, speaking in front of many people in a seminar, becoming a worship leader in a cell group, having an official job interview, and many other things you can mention.

I still remember the nervousness on my first time teaching in front of tenth graders of an international school, and I was teaching about the chromosomes. I have practiced many times before that day. I was pretty sure I was gonna make it well done. Yeah, until 10 minutes before the class started, my body started shaking a little bit and I couldn’t control the cold sweats dripping on my back. I was young. I just started my student-teaching. I was so inexperienced. I was just a twenty-year-old intern having her first time teaching in an international school with big name and reputation. My first time didn’t go as well as I thought. Haha. It was pretty much a mess. I was speechless to one question asked by one of the students. I lost my hearing to what he said. However, that was last year. Today, a year from that day, I have grown to become better and better every day. I have grown to be more confident and experienced. But, that’s part of the journey. I had my first time. I had that dummy moment until I finally learned something that helped me to become who I am right now.

 Today, my school’s boys’ basketball team had their first match. Our school was invited by one local school for a friendship match. At first, the students were afraid. Yeah, pretty much the same feeling as I had before that first time teaching. They were confident but at the same time, they all know that this was their first time.

Their first impression about the opponent? Haha. Yeah, my students were pretty much shaken. This team we faced is a team with reputation, they’ve been playing for quite some time, they are just simply more experienced than us. It was obvious for us to see, the style of both teams were just different. The team with more experience played more maturely. They were relaxed, they were calm. They played with a rhythm. They had themselves enjoying the game. On the other hand, the young team played with rush, lacking of self-control, and just sometimes too afraid to move forward. They are young. My boys just started the journey. They were a little down after the game, but they learned something. Everybody has their own first times on things. And today’s experience is their first time as a team. I am so proud of them. They just started their journey.

In sports game, I wanna have my kids to understand one important thing: winning is important, but it is way more important to play to their highest level, to play in an attitude of a winner. That is MORE important than anything. They have learned that lesson after all 🙂 Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t it? I know my boys will get over it, and for sure, they will become better and more mature in the future. It’s just a matter of time.

Another day, another lesson learned.

Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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