Bloom where you are planted

bloomexactly 4 months ago I accepted my placement letter. as I opened the letter, I saw the word Palopo for the very first time I believe. I had never heard of it before, I didnt even know where it is. Around four first days after accepting that letter I was excited. I thought of many interesting things I would do, thinking that I am still young and adventurous. But the fifth day after that day, I found myself bursting into tears knowing that I have to go so far away from my family, best friends, loved ones, and from everything that could make me feel safe and sound. Back in that day, I could not imagine flying to a place where I knew nothing about, where I had no one at all. I had no clue at all.

But, I was thankful that I got opportunity to spend time with my loved ones before I left. The last days spent with them mean so much to me. One thing I want to share here is that I know that they all pray for me and their prayers gave me the courage to go. Knowing that they support me through their prayers gives me the new spirit each and every day to wake up and live again. Because I believe that prayers do connect people even though they are miles apart. And I also believe that prayer is one way of hugging our loved ones from miles apart. Keeping them in prayers means keeping them tightly close to our heart.

And well, I am here now. Palopo, South Sulawesi. 1200++ miles away from home. One hour ahead from home. This is the place where God has planted me, and I believe that I was called to bloom here. Yesterday, was exactly my second month here. The question is: what have I done for this city? for the students? for the school? I dont think I have done much. But with the time I have left, I will strive to do my best. To make a difference, to bloom where I am planted. Doing our best is never easy, we fall every day, we stumble every time. But the commitment to do that is surely taken each and every day. We can never do our best with only our strength, because in fact we are just not strong enough. To love the unloved. To look upon the insignificant of this world from Jesus’ point of view. But we know where we can ask for strength, we know where we can cry when we need to. We know that we are just a prayer away.

*picture was photographed and edited by SUPERRISKA*

Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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