Lampung day 3-4: SLH Sekampung

I was in the first group which went to SLH Sekampung. SLH Sekampung is located in Sekampung village, eastern part of Lampung province. My group and I stayed in a hotel in Bandar Lampung, and it was two hours away from Sekampung. So every morning we had to wake up at 4.30 am to get ready and leave the hotel by 5.00 am. The school started at 7.00 am. So, two days in a row, we had to have super early start and super long and bumpy ride to Sekampung from Bandar Lampung. Praise God it was only for two days, hehe. Let me tell you, the roads in Lampung are mostly bad. They are bumpy and damaged. So the long ride was really uncomfortable and two days are just enough for the experience. Those two days we experienced sunrise in the car while we tried to hang on the bumpy ride.

Here are some pictures of the school:

2013-06-11 07.09.11 the front gate.2013-06-11 07.08.34 2013-06-11 07.08.46 the school yard and its simple basketball court.

Our first day at school, we played some fun games with the students also we had fun English classes. At the end of the first day the students performed mixed Indonesian traditional dances. Such a great performance! I can never imagine dancing in the basketball court, in a clear day, barefoot. Owell anyway, they were amazing.

2013-06-10 13.03.57fun with English class. We made posters together! so much fun 😀

2013-06-11 08.29.23games! the kids enjoyed them so much.

2013-06-10 14.12.01and… the dancing! really cool!

Our second day was sports and games day. We played many games including frisbee. The students seemed to like it so much. So hard to say goodbye, we had good times together for two days. But we took some great pictures at the end of the second day.

2013-06-11 10.17.37the whole group! 🙂

IMG-20130611-WA0001group 1 plus the principal. 🙂

SLH Sekampung, thank you for having us! 😀

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