A day in Rantepao: Kete’ Kesu

After seeing all the crowds and interesting things in Rantepao’s central park, my friends and I went to Kete’ Kesu. Kete’ Kesu is actually Torayans’ cemetery. As you think of a cemetery, you’ll picture it in your head as a yard, plain land with gravestones. Oh no, this is just not the ordinary cemetery that you could ever think of. The Torayans bury their family and relatives in a very interesting way. Not only with interesting way, but also in extraordinary place. They bury the dead on a hill. Kete’ Kesu is a cemetery on a hill. To get into Kete Kesu we need to pay an entrance fee Rp. 10.000 for one adult.


As we got in, we were welcomed with many tongkonans at the front part of Kete Kesu.


Here is the cemetery. We needed to take the stairs to get to the top of the cemetery. There were lots of tombs along the way to the last cave right at the very end of the stairs. The stairs were very slippery because of the water that drips from the top of the hill.



See, they even have the statues of the dead. Wew. They look really creepy.


Oh here, this one has the pictures of the buried.


me with some skulls. wew.


and this is me right in front of the mouth of the cave at the end of the stairs. this is the very top of the cemetery. this cave is about 8 meters long and we need flashlights to get into it. too bad I didnt get into it because I had no flashlight with me, but it’s okay, it was enough for the creepiness. hahaha.

overall, Kete Kesu was very interesting, despite the creepiness and slipperiness. the facts about how the Torayans bury the dead, and everything. and one more interesting fact! there was no bad smell there even though there were dead bodies buried there. native people believe that the smells are absorbed by the trees that are found surround the cemetery. owell, they might be right.

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