have a good day, people! :)

the heavens proclaim the glory of God, the skies display his craftsmanship.

day after day they continue to speak, night after night they make him known.

they speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard.

yet their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world. -Psalm 19:1-4 (NLT)photo*this is a picture taken from my dorm’s balcony this morning 5.30 am.*

how many times we just walk out of the bed, say a simple prayer and then just check the to-do-list for the day, go back home, say another little prayer and then go to sleep. all the things go back through again to the beginning. over and over again. but most of the times, we just lost the meaning of each day and every day is just another day.

I woke up at 5.30 this morning, waking up my little high-school girls (no, Im not a mom yet, Im a supervisor for high-schoolers in my campus). unlike the other day, I woke up this morning, looked at the sky… and felt amazed. look at the sky! the morning sun had just set before my eyes. somehow, I whispered to my own ears,

yeah, this is a new day. a brand new day. give thanks, that you still got this opportunity…

so I went back to my room, grabbed my phone and took the picture. I wanna share to you all, that this is a brand new day, embrace it.. please let me recite a very good part from Ecclesiastes..

…I have noticed one thing, at least, that is good. It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun during the short life God has given them, and to accept their lot in life. And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God. God keeps such people so busy enjoying life that they take no time to brood over the past. -Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 (NLT)

Have good day, everyone! be blessed and be a blessing! 🙂


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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