Thesis: heaven or hell?

Some universities require their students to write a thesis as their final paper to graduate. My school is one of the universities that have the same requirement. Well, I think most of Indonesian universities have the same requirement. I am now a senior student majoring in Biology education in Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci, Indonesia, and now writing my thesis. Each faculty has its own procedure for its students to write their thesis. In my faculty, all seniors have to firstly have their internship in schools (as we call as student-teaching). During the time of the student-teaching, all students are required to conduct what we call as Classroom Action Research, one of the methodologies commonly used in educational research. This Classroom Action Research that we have at the end of our student-teaching will be our topic of our thesis.

I once heard a very good advice from one of my lecturers

For thesis, make sure you write something that you love. Something that you are interested. Something that you like to talk about.

Writing a thesis, well, for me is like dating. Hahaha. If you asked my friends about this maybe they would agree with me. Writing a thesis you will need to read more about your topic, it’s like getting to know your date, right? You study your topic. You read about your topic. You think about it. You try to get more info about it. You’re just so into it. Both day and night.

Can you just imagine writing something that you don’t like? It’s like dating someone you actually don’t like. Oh, so bad.

Can you imagine reading books that you don’t even interested at all?? No man. Im not buying it.

I remember reading this saying once,

A loving woman finds heaven or hell on the day she is made a bride.

The same thing with writing the thesis, a senior finds heaven or hell on the day he chooses his thesis title. Hahaha.

So, for you who are writing thesis or maybe are about to write a thesis, make sure you choose what you love.

God bless us(translation: God be with seniors)

Best regards for seniors! Good luck finding your date, umm no, I meant your thesis title! 😉


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