Music is not the thing, again, the heart is

I was writing my previous post about the heart problem, when I unintentionally found this man, Trip Lee.


I was googling the keyword: the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. And here’s what I got..


Just curious about the song, I went on YouTube to find out, heart problem, which I put on my previous post. Then I listened to his other songs, and I found myself liking his music and moreover, the message of his music. You can check him out on YouTube 😉 well, yeah, he’s just one of many Christian rappers in the world, but in this post he is not what I’m intended to emphasize *tho he is handsome and young :p*

Why then I ended up writing this post, just consecutively after my latest post?

I don’t know, listening to Trip Lee and digesting the message on his songs, is like a dejavu.

I remember that once I had a convo with a friend about music, right after listening to a sermon. In the sermon the speaker said  that, well, in short, he was trying to generalize music by saying there’s only few kinds of music that is good for people. Well, yeah, I think that in some ways and up to certain point, his saying is acceptable.

I don’t want to trigger an unending debate about this. Because I know that some groups of people do not really agree on some genre of music to be used in worship. But, I don’t know, well, who am I either talking about this, but I have to disagree with them. *oops, sorry.. :/*

As for me, music is only the tool. And in worship, music is not the thing, and must never be the thing for sure. Again, it is the heart who wants to worship that must be rechecked.

Even more, who are we to judge other people’s way to worship??

Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

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