Oh, time in our life!





Just watched In time movie. And yeah, quite cool. Well, Justin Timberlake did such a great job in that movie. He’s like super handsome! Hahahaha. Anyway, besides of the handsomeness of Justin Timberlake, I take concern of what message that the movie was trying to spread. What is time actually?

Like everybody is in a rush. Everybody runs in time. What is time then? Can anybody give me the most profound definition of time? What is it?


From the movie, it was clear that the maker was trying to say that time is like everything. People need time, they run in time, they need time to live. Time is like something that they have so that they can stay alive. In the movie, it was plotted that everybody was engineered to live only for 25 years. Then they have to live day to day with limited time. They work very hard to earn time, that actually can be used to buy stuff for living, and do things in life. Time is inevitably everything for people. When people run out of time, they die. They call it as being “timed-out”. Well, that’s a movie. In reality, we don’t live like that. I mean like we were not engineered to live only for 25 years and then since that very moment of being 25 years old we start living day to day. But one thing I realized after watching that movie, yes, our time is limited, but the difference is that we do not know when it will come to an end. We know that we have time in our life, we know that we have limited of it, but we just don’t know when our heart will stop from beating. We just have no idea of when we actually will stop breathing.


Since I don’t know how much time I have left on me, I learned that I need to start appreciating time by doing al my best as long as I can. It can be today or tomorrow. I don’t know. Well, as I think, that’s not even my job to know how much time I have left on me. My job is doing as best as I can as long as I have it.


As ordinary people, we know that we have been struggling with many issues related to time. Procrastination. Overthinking. Dreaming and wishing on if only’s. and many other things.

Many of us procrastinate from things that we should actually be doing now.

Many of us overthink about something that is not important. Well, maybe those things are important, but just not urgent. That’s just another case of focus and priority.

Many of us keep in dreaming and wishing on things that we think we shouldve done in the past.


We are all trapped in three different time zones. The past. The present. And the future.

We keep on thinking, dreaming, and wishing to go back to the past and change things that we regret.

We keep on procrastinating on things that we should actually be doing right now.

And also, we keep on overthinking about something in our future that are not here yet.


The past is there. Back there. It’s been locked forever. We can never go back to that time in our life and change what we regret. We can never turn back to the time when we think that we could have done something better.


The future is there. Not quite far away from us, tho. But still, it’s just not here yet. We cant do anything about that. But, hm, wait, cant we really do anything about our future? Well, I think we can. I remember the saying that says: “our future is now”. That means that our choices and decisions today have a lot to do with our future.


So what is time? Our time is here. Right here, right now. Outside from that, that’s beyond our reach. We cant go back to the past, nor we can skip today to get the future. One thing at a time. Live today. That’s the only thing that we can do. Yesterday’s sweetness is over. Tomorrow’s sweetness is not even here yet. But today’s opportunities, are right in our hands.


We never know when it will come to an end,

We never know how much time left on us,

So, if this morning you find yourself alive, freshly woke up from your bed, thank God. That He still give you just another day to live. Another time to do things. Another chance to fix.

We all have past. Forgive it. I know it is never easy. I have past too. I have some things that I wish I could change. But, surely, having them makes me who I am right now.


For all the people who stay with me despite of my past, I thank God.

That surely, they are the ones that actually believe in my future.


“for everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

… yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 11




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