Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! :D

Ah, Indonesia! A country of thousands paradise! Stretched out from Sabang on the west to Merauke on the east. From Sangihe Talaud on the north to Rote Island on the south. A country with the largest archipelago in the world with more than 17 thousand islands scattered around the Indian and Pacific oceans. A country of the 4th largest population in the world with approximately 245 million people. Such a big country? It is.

Today is her Independence Day. The 67th.

Red and white ornaments are everywhere.

The great red and white is flapped to her skies…

Indonesia Raya is echoed all over her atmosphere…

I cant remember the last time I joined flag ceremony. Maybe it was like around 3 or 4 years ago when I was still in high school. Flag ceremony was not more than a mandatory thing. Something that was so tiring and annoying to stand there for about an hour and listen to a message given by the principal. Such a boring thing to do! Every time I listen to the message, I was like.. “Oh cmon sir, I already know what youre talkin. We need to appreciate what our fore fathers did in the past so we can have this independence day, ryt? I memorized em all!” Yeah, flag ceremony is a typical thing, including its typical message. Its like, every year, same ceremony, same flag, same message, even same prayer sent, but still the same thing. Not more than routine.

Oh, also! Another typical thing about independence day: traditional competitions and festival.

People are always busy pimpin’ their neighborhood. Putting many red and white ornaments in their house. People dress in traditional dresses and march around the neighborhood. Little kids participate in traditional competitions. Such a celebration!

Back off for awhile from the typical things of celebrations and routine of Independence day…

Nothing’s wrong with the celebration and festival. Those are our means of rejoicing on our independence.

But, lets take a look back to our golden days…

When our people could enjoy rice from their very own harvest…

When our kids could be sent to schools and learn…

When our fathers could get a job for living…

Indonesia doesn’t hope too much more than those things..

Where God is the number one in this country,

Where humanity is just,

Where her people are united,

Where her leaders are wise,

Where justice is for all the people…

Without exception. Just pure.

In her age of 67, many are to be through…

Many homework are to be done…

67 years is indeed such a long time…

But just not enough to be great enough

Such a long journey awaits in the years to come..

Happy Independence day, Indonesia!

Our prayers, our hopes…

Let the Red stream in my blood, let the White swim in my bone..

Long live, Indonesia!

God bless Indonesia.

*Indonesia Smile :)*


Author: superriska

Daddy's darling daughter :D

One thought on “Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! :D”

  1. This was the gratest post you’ve ever wrote!
    I like it the way you put some geographical issue on the introduction part!
    Love it!
    All hail Indonesia!
    God bless us!

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